Fencing Question with Answer

11. Who is often credited with popularizing and formalizing the rules of modern fencing during the 18th century in France?

  1. Leonardo da Vinci
  2. Émile André
  3. Gustave Aimard
  4. Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges

12. What is the term for the blade action where a fencer deflects an opponents attack with a controlled movement of their own blade?

  1. Thrust
  2. Parry
  3. Riposte
  4. Feint

13. Which country has historically been a powerhouse in Olympic fencing, winning numerous medals across various events?

  1. Russia
  2. China
  3. Hungary
  4. United States

14. In fencing, what is the term for the deliberate misleading movement intended to draw an opponent into making a mistake?

  1. Feint
  2. Lunge
  3. Retreat
  4. Beat

15. What is the term for the blade action where a fencer makes a quick and sudden attack without any preparatory actions?

  1. Feint
  2. Lunge
  3. Flèche
  4. Beat Attack

16. Which fencer is often referred to as "The Mozart of Fencing" and won six Olympic gold medals in the 1950s and 1960s?

  1. Aldo Montano
  2. Edoardo Mangiarotti
  3. Aladar Gerevich
  4. Nedo Nadi

17. What is the term for the sudden and aggressive attack made by extending the front leg and launching the body forward?

  1. Flèche
  2. Lunge
  3. Beat Attack
  4. Advance Attack

18. In foil fencing, what is the term for the starting position where both fencers are within striking distance of each other?

  1. En Garde
  2. Stance
  3. On Guard
  4. Salute

19. What is the term for the rapid exchange of blade actions between two fencers, often in close quarters?

  1. Counter-Attack
  2. Engagement
  3. Flick
  4. Bout

20. In fencing, what is the term for the circular motion of the blade used to deflect an opponents attack?

  1. Beat
  2. Bind
  3. Disengage
  4. Riposte

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