Cartesian Plane Coordinate System MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Cartesian Plane Coordinate System MCQs questions answers

Test Your Skills in Cartesian Plane Coordinate System Quiz Online

Welcome to our comprehensive collection of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on the Cartesian Plane Coordinate System. Dive into the fundamentals of coordinate geometry with our curated set of questions and answers designed to enhance your understanding of the Cartesian plane. Whether you're a student brushing up on coordinate geometry concepts or an enthusiast eager to explore the intricacies of plotting points and graphing equations, our MCQs offer a structured approach to mastering the Cartesian coordinate system. Explore topics such as plotting points, finding distances between points, identifying coordinates of points, understanding quadrants, and graphing linear equations. With our interactive quizzes, you can test your knowledge, sharpen your problem-solving skills, and build confidence in working with coordinates on the Cartesian plane. Start exploring our Cartesian Plane Coordinate System MCQs today and embark on a journey to geometric mastery!

Cartesian Plane Coordinate System Questions with Answers

1. If (x, 0) = (0, y), then (x, y) is:

2. If (x–1, y+1) = (0, 0), then (x, y) is:

3. If y = 2x + 1, x = 2 then y is:

4. In the quadrant lV, the X value is always............., and the Y value is always........

5. Point (-1, 2) lies in quadrant:

6. Point (1, -3) lies in quadrant:

7. Point (1,1) lies in quadrant:

8. Point (2 -3) lies in quadrant:

9. Point (-3, -3) lies in quadrant:

10. Quadrant IV contains all points with coordinates:

11. Quadrant which has a negative x value but a positive y value is

12. The coordinates for the origin in the coordinate plane are

13. The plane formed by two straight lines perpendicular to each other is called:

14. The point of intersection of two coordinate axes is called:

15. The quadrant havind a positive x value but a negative y value is

16. The real numbers x, y of the ordered pair (x, y) are called.............of point P(x,y) in a plane.

17. The set of points which lie on the same line are called...........points.

18. The vertical number line in the coordinate plane is called ?

19. The X axis is

20. The x-coordinate of a point is called

21. The Y axis is

22. The y-coordinate of a point is called:

23. When plotting points in a coordinate plane, which directions should you go first?

24. Which of the following lines is parallel to x-axis?

25. Which of the following lines is parallel to y-axis?

26. Which of the following points is on the origin?

27. Which ordered pair satisfy the equation y = 2x:

28. Which quadrant has x and y values that are both negative?

29. A horizontal number line that divides the coordinate plane is?

30. A quadrant which has x and y values that are both positive is

31. A set of two real numbers that locate a point on a plane is called

32. An ordered pair is a pair of elements in which elements are written in specific:

33. Cartesian plane is divided into.........quadrants.

34. How is an ordered pair arranged in the cartesian plane?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Cartesian Plane Coordinate System

Cartesian Plane Coordinate System Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Cartesian Plane Coordinate System Trivia Quiz

Cartesian Plane Coordinate System Question and Answer PDF Online

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