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Dive into the realm of statistical analysis with our extensive collection of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on Normal Distribution. Gain a deeper understanding of this fundamental concept in probability theory and statistics, which plays a crucial role in various fields such as finance, engineering, and natural sciences. Our quizzes cover a wide range of topics related to Normal Distribution, including its properties, applications, and mathematical principles. Whether you're a student studying statistics, a professional working with data analysis, or simply curious about the Gaussian curve, our MCQs provide a comprehensive review of key concepts and techniques. From understanding the Central Limit Theorem to applying z-scores and calculating probabilities, our quizzes offer a structured approach to mastering Normal Distribution. Prepare for exams, enhance your statistical skills, or simply expand your knowledge with our engaging and informative MCQs on Normal Distribution.

Normal Distribution Questions with Answers

1. A random variable X is normally distributed with μ = 70 and σ2 = 25. The third moment about arithmetic mean is:

2. For the standard normal distribution, P(Z > mean) is:

3. Given a standardized normal distribution (with a mean of zero and a standard deviation of one), P(Z < variance) is equal to:

4. If X ~ N(μ,σ2), the points of inflection of normal distribution are:

5. If X ~ N(μ,σ2), the standard normal variate is distributed as:

6. If X is a normal random variable having mean μ, then E(X - μ)2 is equal to:

7. If X is a normal random variable having mean μ, then E|X - μ| is equal to:

8. If X~N(100, 64), then standard deviation σ is:

9. If Z~N, the coefficient of variation is equal to:

10. If Z~N, then μ4 is equal to:

11. In a normal curve μ ± 0.6745σ covers:

12. In a normal curve, the highest point on the curve occurs at the mean, μ, which is also the:

13. In a normal curve, the ordinate is highest at:

14. In a normal distribution whose mean is land standard deviation 0, the value 4 quartile deviation is approximately:

15. In a normal distribution, the lower and upper quartiles are equidistant from the mean and are at a distance of:

16. In a normal probability distribution of a continuous random variable, the value of standard deviation is:

17. In a standard normal distribution, the area to the left of Z = 1 is :

18. In a standard normal distribution, the value of mode is:

19. In normal distribution:

20. In normal probability distribution for a continuous random variable, the value of a mean deviation is approximately equal to:

21. Pearson’s constants for a normal distribution with mean μ and variance σ2 are:

22. The area to the left of (μ+σ) for a normal distribution is approximately equal to:

23. The coefficient of skewness of a normal distribution is:

24. The lower and upper quartiles for a standardized normal variate are respectively:

25. The maximum ordinate of a normal curve is at:

26. The mean and standard deviation of the standard normal distribution a respectively:

27. The median of a normal distribution corresponds to a value of Z is:

28. The normal curve is symmetrical and for symmetrical distribution, the values of all odd order moments about mean will always be:

29. The normal distribution is a proper probability distribution of a continuous random variable, the total area under the curve f(x) is:

30. The normal probability density function curve is symmetrical about the mean, μ, i.e. the area to the right of the mean is the same as the area to the left of the mean. This means that P(X<μ) =P(X>μ) is equal to:

31. The parameters of the normal distribution are:

32. The points of inflection of the standard normal distribution lie at:

33. The range of normal distribution is:

34. The range of standard normal distribution is:

35. The semi-inter quartile range for a standard normal random variable Z is:

36. The shape of the normal curve depends upon the value of:

37. The skewness and kurtosis of the normal distribution are respectively:

38. The total area of the normal probability density function is equal to:

39. The value of π is approximately equal to:

40. The value of e is approximately equal to:

41. The value of second moment about the mean in a normal distribution is 5. The fourth moment about the mean in the distribution is:

42. The value of the standard deviation σ of a normal distribution is always:

43. Which of the following is possible in normal distribution?

44. Which of the following is true for the normal curve:


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Normal Distribution

Normal Distribution Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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