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Discover the intricacies of geometric measurement and calculation with our extensive collection of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on Mensuration. Dive into the world of shapes and sizes as you explore topics such as area, volume, and surface area of various geometrical figures including squares, rectangles, circles, cubes, spheres, and more. Our MCQs cover a wide range of concepts, from basic formulas to advanced applications, catering to students, professionals, and enthusiasts alike. Whether you're preparing for exams, brushing up on your mathematical skills, or simply seeking to deepen your understanding of geometric principles, our Mensuration MCQs provide a comprehensive and interactive learning experience. Delve into the realm of mathematical measurement and calculation with confidence, as you tackle questions designed to test your knowledge and problem-solving abilities. Elevate your mastery of Mensuration with our engaging and informative MCQs, available for both online practice and offline study.

Mensuration Questions with Answers

1. 1 m3 is..........

2. 1 ml = ............

3. 1L = ...............cm3

4. A covered wooden box has the inner measures as 115 cm, 75 cm and 35 cm and thickness of wood as 2.5 cm. The volume of the wood is :

5. A cube of side 4 cm is cut into 1 cm cubes. What is the ratio of the surface area of the cut-out cubes and original cube?

6. A cube of side 4 cm is cut into 1 cm cubes. What is the ratio of the surface areas of the original cubes and cut-out cubes?

7. A cube of side 5 cm is painted on all its faces. If it is sliced into 1 cubic cm cubes, how many 1 cubic cm cubes will have exactly one of their faces painted?

8. A metal sheet 27 cm long, 8 cm broad and 1 cm thick is melted into cube. The side of the cube is

9. A regular hexagon is inscribed in a circle of radius r. The perimeter of the regular hexagon is

10. Area of the quadrilateral ABCD is 20 sq. cm and perpendicular on BD from opposite vertices are 1 cm and 1.5 cm. The length of BD is

11. Diagonals of rhombus are

12. How many small cubes with edge of 20 cm each can be just accommodated in a cuboidal box of 2 m edge?

13. If each edge of a cube is doubled, its surface are will increase

14. If the base of rhombus of 7 cm and its altitude is 4 cm , its area will be

15. If the diagonals of rhombus are 6 cm & 8 cm, its area will be

16. If the height of a cylinder becomes 1/4th of the original height and the radius is doubled, then which of the following will be true:

17. If the length of edge of cube is 4 cm , its volume is

18. If the radius of the cylinder is tripled but its curved surface area is unchanged, then its height will be

19. If the side of the cube is 2 m , then the surface area of the cube is

20. In a quadrilateral, half of the product of the sum of the lengths of parallel sides and the parallel distance between them gives the area of

21. In a right circular cylinder, the line segments joining the centre of circular faces the base

22. Plane figures are

23. Pyramid is an example of

24. Solid figures are

25. The amount of space occupied by a three dimensional objects is called its

26. The area of a parallogram is 60 sq. cm and one of its altitude is 5 cm. The length of its corresponding side is

27. The area of a trapezium is

28. The area of four walls of the room is

29. The area of rhombus is

30. The dimension of a godown are 40 m, 25 m and 10 m. If it is filled with the cuboidal boxes each of dimension 2 m x 1.25 m x 1 m, then the number of boxes will be :

31. The formula for finding lateral surface area of cylinder is

32. The formula for finding the surface area of cube is

33. The formula for finding total surface area of cuboid is

34. The formula for finding total surface area of cylinder is

35. The formula for finding volume of cuboid is

36. The formula for finding volume of cylinder is

37. The formula for lateral surface area of cuboid is

38. The formula for volume of cube is

39. The height of cuboid whose volume is 200 cm3 and base area is 20 cm2 is

40. The length of parallel sides of trapezium is 14 cm and 6 cm and its height is 5 cm. Its area will be 11

41. The perimeter of the trapezium is 52 cm and its each non parallel sides are equal to 10 cm with its height 8 cm. Its area is

42. The quantity that a container holds is called its

43. The ratio of radii of two cylinder is 1 : 2 and the height are in the ratio 2 : 3. The ratio of their volume is :

44. The standard unit of volume is

45. The surface area of the six faces of a rectangular solid are 16, 16, 32, 32, 72 and 72 sq. cm. The volume the solid, in cu. cm is

46. The surface area of the three coterminous faces of a cuboid are 6, 15 and 10 cm 2 respectively. The volume of the cuboid is :

47. The volume of a cylinder whose radius r is equal to its height is :

48. The volume of cuboid of dimensions 4 cm, 2 cm and 3 cm is

49. The volume of the cube is 64 cm 3. Its lateral surface area is :

50. The volume of the cube whose edge is 3x is:


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Mensuration Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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