Carpentry MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

51. Sanding discs are installed using

  1. two wrenches of different sizes.
  2. a tension knod.
  3. pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  4. a chuck key.

52. Short pieces of wood can be made into a longer, more usable piece by joining them with..........joints.

  1. surface-lap
  2. end-to-end half-lap
  3. cross-lap
  4. half-lap

53. Special wood screws with widely spaced threads are available for use with

  1. composition panels.
  2. pocket holes.
  3. sheet metal.
  4. tabletops.

54. Spindle turning involves turning stock held between the live center and the

  1. spur.
  2. headstock.
  3. tool rest.
  4. dead center.

55. Standard finishes are made with.................that emit(s) pollutants into the air.

  1. water-based ingredients
  2. solvents
  3. fillers
  4. rottenstone

56. The compound miter saw is referred to as compound because

  1. it can do both crosscutting and ripping.
  2. there is more than one miter gauge installed on the saw table.
  3. it can cut two angled surfaces at the same time.
  4. it can cut from above or below the workpiece.

57. The correct depth for a dado is usually..................the thickness of the stock.

  1. one-fourth
  2. one-half
  3. three-fourths
  4. twice

58. The cutterhead on a jointer holds..............knives.

  1. two
  2. three
  3. four
  4. five

59. The depth of a rabbet is usually...............the thickness of the stock.

  1. one-half to two-thirds
  2. one-fourth to one-half
  3. equal to
  4. twice

60. The drill press can be used for

  1. drilling holes of various sizes and depths at various angles.
  2. mortising.
  3. sanding.
  4. all of the above.

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