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Dive into the essential world of plumbing and sanitary systems with our comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers! Explore the principles, fixtures, and installations involved in plumbing, drainage, and sanitation. Whether you're a professional plumber, a homeowner tackling DIY projects, or simply curious about the systems that keep our homes and buildings running smoothly, our Plumber and Sanitary MCQs page offers an engaging and educational experience. Test your knowledge, deepen your understanding, and unravel the complexities of plumbing and sanitary systems through our carefully crafted quizzes. Visit now to embark on a journey through the vital realm of plumbing and sanitation!

Plumber and Sanitary Questions with Answers

1. The fresh water supply, sewage lines and ventilation in new building construction is commonly known as what?

2. A fitting that allows a secondary pipe to branch off a main pipe is known as what?

3. A fitting that sits inside the hub of another fitting to reduce its size or alter its interior is known as what?

4. A valve used to tap into an existing pipe is known as what?

5. A vertical pipe that is connected to the drainage system and usually protrudes through the roof is known as what?

6. How to stop bleeding of injured person?

7. Soldered joints are most commonly found on what type of pipe?

8. The cut off valve frequently found where the water supply pipe comes out of a wall is known as what?

9. The installation of plumbing, usually in the ground, prior to the completion of walls, ceilings or floors is known as what?

10. The setting of fixtures, such as toilets, sinks and faucets is commonly known as what?

11. The term used to describe the purging of air from supply pipes is commonly known as what?

12. What is the colour code for plastic waste bin?

13. What is the colour code of bins for waste paper segregation?

14. What is the first step of avoiding accident in work place?

15. What is the immediate action to be taken in the event of fire?

16. What is the name of the device used to deter the reverse flow of water in the plumbing system, usually required on exterior spigot heads?

17. What is the name of the device used to insure that the contents of a pipe are only allowed to flow in one direction?

18. What is the period referred as golden hours?

19. What substance must be used before soldering a pipe?

20. What term is used to describe the slope, fall or pitch of a pipe?

21. Which fire extinguisher is used for flammable and running liquid fire?

22. Which fire extinguisher is used to extinguish class B fire?

23. Which personal protective equipment (PPE) is used for head protection?

24. Which personal protective equipment is used for hand protection?

25. Which PPE is used for foot protection?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Plumber and Sanitary

Plumber and Sanitary Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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