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CNC Machines Quiz Question with Answer

1. A CNC machine find widest applications in the field of

  1. small lot and batch production
  2. Mask production
  3. Nonconventional machining
  4. none of the above

2. A CNC machine tool has a continuous part control both linear and circular along X, Y, Z and control of table rotation about X axis and Z axis, so the machine should be called

  1. 2C, L
  2. 3L, 2C
  3. 5C
  4. none of the above

3. A CNC milling machine would have

  1. Point-to-point open loop control only
  2. Point-to-point closed loop control only
  3. Countering control
  4. none of the above

4. A machine will be said to have CNC control if

  1. The dimensions of the work piece are measured by sensors while cutting is going on
  2. The tool motion is guided by drum cams and disc cams
  3. the loading and unloading of the work piece ON and OFF the machine respectively is made automatic
  4. control is achieved by employment of alphanumeric data

5. CNC is not applicable in

  1. Drilling machine
  2. Milling machine
  3. Lathe
  4. none of the above

6. CNC machining has the following main advantage over conventional machining practice

  1. ability to employ higher cutting speeds, feeds and depth of cut
  2. feedback control
  3. flexibility
  4. none of the above

7. The main advantage of computer numerical control over conventional automatic control which is referred to sometimes as fixed automation is

  1. CNC is stylish while automatic conventional control is not
  2. CNC allows for application of higher cutting speeds and feeds
  3. CNC is applicable in unmanned satellites
  4. CNC offers higher flexibility than conventional automatic control (fixed automation)

8. For milling a bilaterally symmetrical 2-D profile on metal plate 10 millimetres thick, a CNC milling machine would require the following accessory or attachment

  1. Copy milling attachment
  2. Dividing head
  3. Reversing table
  4. none of the above

9. Holes are to be drilled on the circumference of a circle with regular angular spacing. If a CNC machine is used it should essentially

  1. Have one indexing head mounted on the machine table
  2. Have a CNC rotary axis of motion to rotate the table, about Z-axis (inaddition to X, Y and Z axes of rotation)
  3. Be a CNC milling machine with contouring control
  4. none of the above

10. In a CNC machining centre, any complex cutting motion involving X, Y and Z moments is carried out by

  1. Use of jigs, cams, templates and tracers
  2. skill of the machine operator
  3. combinations of movements obtained from motors along the axis
  4. none of the above

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