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Dive into the intricate world of carpentry with our comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers! Explore the tools, techniques, and principles of woodworking, from joinery to finishing. Whether you're a novice DIY enthusiast, a seasoned carpenter, or simply curious about the craft of woodworking, our Carpentry MCQs page offers an engaging and educational experience. Test your knowledge, deepen your understanding, and unravel the mysteries of carpentry through our carefully crafted quizzes. Visit now to embark on a journey through the captivating realm of woodworking!

Carpentry Questions with Answers

1. A commercial circle jig has an adjustable................that the operator sets to the correct distance for cutting a circle.

2. A device for holding a door closed is called a

3. A fire safety plan should include

4. A hammer is a type of

5. A hammer of which weight is best for everyday use?

6. A hand drill is generally used to drill holes............or less in diameter.

7. A hinge is a piece of hardware used as a

8. A power drill for woodworking should be variable speed and

9. A rabbet is a(n)...............placed along the end or edge of a board.

10. A screw-mate drill and countersink can be used with

11. A shallow dent in wood can sometimes be repaired by

12. A three-view working drawing usually includes...........views.

13. A typical router operates at.............revolutions per minute.

14. A worker who finishes plans begun by an architect is a

15. A(n) used to clamp multi-sided projects.

16. used along with a saw to cut miters.

17. used to hold the glass in place in a picture frame.

18. After cutting a dado, check the depth throughout.

19. All veneer slices cut from a single log are kept in bundles called

20. An assembled mortise-and-tenon joint looks like a simple...............joint.

21. Before planing, inspect the surface for

22. Biscuits are made from compressed

23. Box joint is another term for a.......joint.

24. Boyles law refers to the relationship between

25. Built-in..............allow you to lock a power miter saw into position at a variety of angles.

26. Butt joints are made by joining together the edge, end, or face surface of one piece of wood to the.............of another.

27. Butt joints can be strengthened using corner blocks, biscuits, dowels, or

28. Create a wash coat of one seven parts alcohol.

29. Cutting several pieces at one time is called..............sawing.

30. Do not allow your fingers to come closer than.,............inches to the blade on a table saw.

31. Dowel centers are

32. During sanding, the movement of the abrasive against the wood generates

33. Employers appreciate workers who

34. Flat cutting produces a

35. Hand tools used to cut a mortise include a drill and a

36. Hand tools used to cut a tenon include a backsaw or

37. If a chemical splashes into someones eye, the person should rinse the eye with

38. If the pattern for your workpiece includes loose curves, choose a.............blade.

39. In a dado joint, a(n).................across one board receives the end of another board.

40. In cutting curves

41. Large machines with two belts arranged on three pulleys are capable of..............speed settings.

42. Most fires can be extinguished by

43. Multispur bits are used

44. On some power drills, a chuck key is used to

45. One way to support shelves in a bookcase is to drill holes in the sides and insert

46. Position the fence on a table saw so the distance from the outside of the blade to the fence is the same as the..............of the rabbet.

47. Pumice is used to

48. Rabbet joints are commonly used in the construction of cases, cabinet frames, and

49. Repair plates include mending plates and

50. Rough turning is begun using a


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