Carpentry MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

91. Veneering techniques have been used for at least..............years.

  1. 500
  2. 1000
  3. 2000
  4. 3000

92. When adjusting the sliding compound miter saw, loosen the locking handle or lever and tilt the desired angle.

  1. saw head
  2. fence
  3. turntable
  4. clamping device

93. When applying a water-based stain, brush the end grain prevent it from absorbing too much stain.

  1. linseed oil
  2. zinc oxide
  3. water
  4. solvent

94. When changing the belt on the stationary belt sander, first

  1. turn the belt-tension knob.
  2. remove the guards.
  3. center the belt on the rollers.
  4. adjust the idler pulley.

95. When cutting a rabbet by hand, make the shoulder cut with a

  1. backsaw.
  2. dovetail saw.
  3. reciprocating saw.
  4. sharp file.

96. When cutting compound curves, first

  1. remove the waste stock.
  2. nail or tape the waste stock in place.
  3. make a pattern.
  4. resaw the stock to thickness.

97. When cutting rectangular openings,

  1. first, make straight cuts down the length of each side.
  2. backtrack out of the second cut and cut a curve to the second corner.
  3. make nibbling cuts as needed to clear away waste.
  4. all of the above.

98. When edge jointing, hold the work face of the stock flat against the..............throughout the operation.

  1. fence
  2. outfeed table
  3. pressure control
  4. T-bevel

99. When making a dowel joint in a frame, use locate the dowels on the face surface.

  1. gouge
  2. try square
  3. straightedge
  4. tape measure

100. When making a miter cut, adjust the angle desired.

  1. table
  2. overarm
  3. blade guard
  4. column

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