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51. What do Canadians call homogenized milk?

52. What does Its had the biscuit mean?

53. What does NHL stand for?

54. What famous event takes place every year in Calgary?

55. What game is played in a rink?

56. What is a Chinook?

57. What is a loonie?

58. What is a Nanaimo bar?

59. What is a nickname for Canadians?

60. What is a ski-doo?

61. What is Canadas most northern island?

62. What is Canadas national anthem?

63. What is Canadas national sport?

64. What is Canadas seat of government called?

65. What is Crappy Tire?

66. What is Kokanee?

67. What is Kraft Dinner?

68. What is Saskatchewan?

69. What is the Canadian word for couch or sofa?

70. What is the capital of British Columbia?

71. What is the CBC?

72. What is the Governor-General?

73. What is the highest mountain in Canada?

74. What is the longest river in Canada?

75. What is the RCMP?

76. What is the St. Lawrence?

77. What is Tim Hortons?

78. What is Wayne Gretzkys nickname?

79. What is West Jet?

80. What kind of English do Canadians speak?

81. What natural resource is found Alberta known for?

82. What new territory was formed in 1999?

83. What symbol is on the Canadian flag?

84. Whats the capital of Canada?

85. When did Canada become a country?

86. When did Indigenous people in Canada get the unconditional right to vote?

87. When is Canadas birthday?

88. When is Labour Day?

89. Where is Cape Breton?

90. Where is Inuvik?

91. Where is Moose Jaw?

92. Where is Stanley Park?

93. Where is the Big Apple, a restaurant with petting zoo, mini-putt, and a giant-sized apple?

94. Where is the CN Tower?

95. Where is the magnetic hill?

96. Where were the 2010 Olympic Winter Games held?

97. Which author is not Canadian?

98. Which Canadian minority has the least number of people

99. Which city has the most southerly location?

100. Which city hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics?


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Canada Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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