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Dubai Question with Answer

1. What is the name of the range of mountains found on the UAEs boarder with Oman?

  1. Oil
  2. Water
  3. Coal
  4. Gemstones

2. What resources is the economy of the UAE based upon ?

  1. Peregrine Falcon
  2. Eurasian Woodcock
  3. Jack Snipe
  4. Black-tailed Godwit

3. What is the national bird of UAE?

  1. Prime Minister
  2. Sheikh
  3. President
  4. Governor

4. Who is the head of UAE government?

  1. Sharjah
  2. Abu Dhabi
  3. Al Ain
  4. Dubai

5. What is the commercial capital of UAE?

  1. Sharjah
  2. Dubai
  3. Abu Dhabi
  4. Al Ain

6. Which is the largest city of UAE?

  1. Sheik Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan
  2. Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum
  3. Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan
  4. Sheik Noor Bin Sultan

7. Who is the first President of UAE?

  1. The Palm
  2. Saadiyat
  3. Das
  4. Sir Bani Yes

8. What is the name given to a pair of gigantic islands built off shore of Dubai?

  1. Three
  2. Five
  3. Seven
  4. Eight

9. How many emirates are there in UAE?

  1. UAE Dinar
  2. UAE Dollar
  3. Kuwait Dirham
  4. UAE Dirham

10. Which currency used in UAE?

  1. United Arab Emirates
  2. United Area of Emirates
  3. Union of Arab
  4. Unitary Arabia Era

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