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Turkey Quiz Question with Answer

1. When was the Republic of Turkey founded?

  1. 1905
  2. 1923
  3. 1919
  4. 1876

2. Choose the correct order (earliest-to-most recent) of Turkeys political history:

  1. Byzantine Empire, Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Republic of Turkey
  2. Republic of Turkey, Ottoman Empire, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire
  3. Ottoman Empire, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Republic of Turkey
  4. Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire, Republic of Turkey

3. How many years did the Ottoman Empire last for?

  1. 521 years
  2. 631 years
  3. 699 years
  4. 786 years

4. How much of Turkeys landmass is in Europe?

  1. Approximately 5%
  2. Approximately 10%
  3. Approximately 15%
  4. Approximately 20%

5. In what year did Wisconsin make a trade with Missouri to bring back wild turkeys into their state?

  1. 1956
  2. 1966
  3. 1976
  4. 1986

6. in which city Santa Clause was born?

  1. ankara
  2. konya
  3. antalya
  4. izmir

7. It is believed that Noahs ark landed where in Turkey after the flood?

  1. Mount Ararat
  2. Mount Kilimanjaro
  3. Mount Sinai
  4. Mount Everest

8. Turkey has been engaged in hostilities with whom since 1984?

  1. Cyprus
  2. Hezbollah
  3. Armenia
  4. The Kurdistan Workers Party

9. Turkey intervened in which countrys dispute in 1974?

  1. Cyprus
  2. Greece
  3. Lebanon
  4. Iran

10. Turkeys military has intervened in civilian politics several times in its history. Which of the following is not a year when a coup took place?

  1. 1953
  2. 1960
  3. 1971
  4. 1980

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