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Bahrain Question with Answer

1. What is the capital of Bahrain?

  1. Manama
  2. Durrat al Bahrain
  3. Mina Salman
  4. Sitrah

2. Where is Bahrain located?

  1. Southeast Asia
  2. Central Asia
  3. Northern Africa
  4. Middle East, in the Persian Gulf

3. Which is the currency of Bahrain?

  1. Lats
  2. Yen
  3. Taka
  4. Dinar

4. What percentage of the population of Bahrain lives in towns or cities?

  1. 42%
  2. 67%
  3. 89%
  4. 28%

5. When was oil discovered in Bahrain?

  1. 1932
  2. 1975
  3. 1911
  4. 1820

6. Which of these countries shares a land border with Bahrain?

  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. United Arab Emirates
  3. None of the above
  4. Qatar

7. Which of these is a current environmental issue in Bahrain?

  1. Coastal degradation
  2. Lack of freshwater
  3. All of the above
  4. Desertification

8. How many kilometres of coastline does Bahrain have?

  1. 572 km.
  2. 161 km.
  3. 0 km
  4. 1,578 km.

9. When did Bahrain become independent?

  1. 18-May-64
  2. 15-Aug-71
  3. 14-Dec-68
  4. 2-Feb-69

10. What kind of climate does Bahrain have?

  1. Mostly tropical
  2. Temperate to sub-arid
  3. Sub-arctic
  4. Arid

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