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British Constitution MCQs questions answers

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Embark on a fascinating journey through the intricate workings of the British Constitution with our comprehensive collection of trivia questions and answers. Dive deep into the historical and legal framework that shapes the governance of the United Kingdom. From the Magna Carta to the present-day constitutional conventions, explore the evolution of Britain's unwritten constitution, which serves as the cornerstone of its democracy. Test your knowledge of parliamentary sovereignty, the rule of law, and the role of the monarchy in our engaging trivia quiz. Whether you're a student of political science, a history enthusiast, or simply curious about the British system of government, our British Constitution trivia page offers an insightful exploration into one of the oldest constitutions in the world. Join us as we unravel the complexities of British governance and gain a deeper understanding of the principles that underpin this venerable institution. Delve into the British Constitution trivia today and discover the secrets of Britain's political landscape!

British Constitution Questions with Answers

1. ................ Parliament Act made the House of Commons much stronger than the House of Lords:

2. A member of House of Commons must be at least ................ year of age:

3. According to the Act of 1911, the duration of Parliament was reduced from ................ to ................ years:

4. According to the Parliament Act 1949, the house of Lords can delay a Non-Money Bill for ................ Years:

5. Britain has .......... party system:

6. How many Political Parties in UK?

7. In 1979 Wilson was removed by:

8. In UK Constitution the real executive authority is:

9. In UK the executive is responsible to the:

10. In UK the head of the Civil Service is:

11. Judicial decisions are a part of:

12. Lord Chancellor is the member of the cabinet and also the head of :

13. Lords of Appeal are ................ in numbers:

14. Lords Spiritual consists of:

15. Magna Carta was signed by King John in:

16. Magna Carta was signed by:

17. Ministerial Responsibility is of ................ types:

18. Mother of all Parliament is called to be:

19. Mrs. Thatcher ruled the country for ................ years:

20. The oldest Constitution in the world is:

21. Mrs. Thatcher was removed byby:

22. Queen must be a faithful:

23. Resolutions of either house of Parliament:

24. Rule of law is the limitation of:

25. Sovereignty of the Parliament means:

26. Statutes are the laws made by the:

27. Tenure of Mrs. Thatcher was:

28. The authority of the Parliament is ................ by the will of voter:

29. The British Constitution is based on:

30. The British constitution is based on:

31. The British Prime Minister Belongs to:

32. The Budget of UK is prepared by:

33. The Cabinet consists of Prime Minister and ................ Ministers:

34. The Cabinet evolved out of:

35. The Cabinet System began to develop during the reign of:

36. The Conservative Party was founded in:

37. The crown Act, 1937 relates to:

38. The driving and the steering force in the UK System of government is:

39. The expenditure on British Monarchy is:

40. The first Prime Minister of Britain was:

41. The Founder of the Conservative Party was:

42. The Founder of the Labour Party was:

43. The Founder of the Liberal Democrats Party was:

44. The highest court of the appeal in the UK is:

45. The House of Commons members consist of:

46. The House of Lords at present consists of more than ................ members:

47. The House of Lords consists of Lords of Temporal and:

48. The House of Lords is:

49. The House of Lords sits in the ................ chamber:

50. The husband of Queen is called to be:


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on British Constitution

British Constitution Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

British Constitution Trivia Quiz

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