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51. The Judicial Committe of the Privy Council derives from the principle of:

52. The key-man in the cabinet is:

53. The Kinds of Law in the UK is:

54. The King in the UK is consulted in all important matters of:

55. The King in UK is:

56. The King of UK can:

57. The King or Queen has the powers:

58. The King or Queen in UK is the Symbol of:

59. The king or Queen of UK is the:

60. The King or Queen of UK must:

61. The Labour Party was founded in:

62. The Leader of the Cabinet of Britain is:

63. The Lord Chancellor is the only Cabinet Minister whose salary is same as that of:

64. The Majority of the Cabinet Ministers are always from:

65. The Members of Privy Council are:

66. The nature of English constitution is:

67. The Presiding Officer of the house of Lords in:

68. The Prime Minister has ................ in the selection of minister:

69. The Prime Minister has:

70. The Prime Minister is appointed by:

71. The Prime Minister of UK is elected for ................ years:

72. The Prime Minister of UK is the leader of:

73. The Queen appoints judges on the advice of the Prime Minister or:

74. The reforms Acts of 1832, 1867, 1884 are related to:

75. The Residential Palace of the UK Prime Minister is at:

76. The Supreme Control over foreign policy is exercised by:

77. The tenure of the first Prime Minister was:

78. The Term house of Common is:

79. The term Privy Council was first used in the reign of:

80. The title of the privy council is:

81. The UK courts must accepts the law passed by:

82. The UK Ministry consists of ................ Ministers:

83. The UK Parliament Act of 1911 as amended in Legislation:

84. The UK Parliament Act of 1911 as amended in Legislation:

85. The whole of cabinet system in English is based on:

86. There are ................ Types of Courts in UK:

87. Tony Blair became Prime Minister for the Second term on:

88. UK Parliament is the:

89. What are the two Main Parties in the UK?

90. Who was the First Labour party Leader became the Prime Minister of UK?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on British Constitution

British Constitution Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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