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American Imperialism Question with Answer

1. Under imperialism, the stronger nation attempts to

  1. dominate a weaker country.
  2. sell its products to a weaker country.
  3. create an empire.
  4. all of the above.

2. What connection was made between imperialism and the American frontier?

  1. Imperialism would help close the frontier.
  2. Closing the frontier would spur competition.
  3. Imperialism would offer Americans a new frontier.
  4. Imperialism would make the world more like the United States.

3. Admiral Alfred T. Mahan argued that to protect its trade, the United States must build up its

  1. army.
  2. navy.
  3. labor unions.
  4. pioneer spirit.

4. To support their view, anti-imperialists argued that

  1. imperialism would reduce U.S. military forces.
  2. the United States should get more involved in foreign affairs.
  3. imperialism rejected the American ideal of liberty for all.
  4. imperialism would make the United States more admired in the world.

5. Anti-imperialists also objected to the

  1. independence of the Philippines.
  2. costs of expansion.
  3. the Teller Amendment
  4. sale of American goods abroad.

6. American business leaders favored expansion in order to

  1. establish an empire throughout the world.
  2. solve the economic problem of overproduction.
  3. establish military equality with European nations.
  4. stop Russian expansion into Alaska.

7. Some anti-imperialists feared the existence of

  1. foreign markets.
  2. newly independent countries
  3. different races in the United States.
  4. a new frontier.

8. Expansionists, such as Theodore Roosevelt, argued that a quest for empire would

  1. turn into a military disaster.
  2. restore the country’s pioneer spirit.
  3. open Latin America to invasion
  4. make the U.S. stronger than Britain.

9. The United States annexed Hawaii because

  1. Queen Liliuokalani executed several foreign merchants.
  2. the United States needed naval stations in the Pacific.
  3. Hawaiians requested American protection.
  4. the Boxers started a rebellion.

10. Which of the following demonstrated enforcement of the Monroe Doctrine?

  1. The United States convinced Japan to open trade relations.
  2. The United States allowed Hawaiians to import sugar duty free.
  3. The United States insisted that Great Britain submit a boundary dispute with Venezuela to arbitration.
  4. The United States competed against France and Britain for Asian markets.

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