Canada Quiz Question with Answer

21. In which year we women finally declared persons under Canadian law?

  1. 1926
  2. 1927
  3. 1928
  4. 1929

22. Loyalists were

  1. members of the Sons of Liberty
  2. writers of the American Constitution
  3. early Canadian settlers who fled the American Revolution
  4. farmers with a French Canadian background

23. Most Canadian laws originate with

  1. the Senate
  2. the Opposition
  3. the Governor General
  4. the Prime Minister and Cabinet

24. Most Canadians live

  1. within 150 miles of the U.S.Canadian border
  2. in the province of Ontario
  3. in the Prairie provinces
  4. the Atlantic provinces

25. Most of Canadian wheat farming is in

  1. Ontario and Quebec
  2. Prairie provinces
  3. British Columbia
  4. Atlantic provinces

26. The Canada-United States free trade agreement and NAFTA are important to Canada because they

  1. increase opportunities for Canadian athletes
  2. allow companies access to a larger market
  3. provide better North American defense
  4. solve the acid rain problem

27. The Canadian Shield is

  1. a large rocky area noted for its minerals
  2. an area of flat land noted for growing wheat
  3. an award for ice hockey
  4. a trade agreement signed by Canada and the U.S.

28. The highest law-making authority in the Canadian government is

  1. the Senate
  2. the Governor General
  3. the Queen of England
  4. the House of Commons

29. The province of British Columbia is separated from the rest of Canada by

  1. Rocky Mountains
  2. Canadian Plains
  3. Arctic Islands
  4. Appalachian Mountains

30. The second largest French-speaking city in the world is

  1. Paris
  2. Toronto
  3. Montreal
  4. New Orleans

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