Plant Kingdom Quiz Question with Answer

21. In which of the following kingdoms, bacteria and blue-green algae are included ?

  1. Monera
  2. Plantae
  3. Animalia
  4. Protista

22. Prokaryotes are included in the kingdom

  1. Monera
  2. Protista
  3. Protozoa
  4. Basidiomycetes

23. Plants of this group are diploid and well adapted to extreme conditions. They grow bearing sporophylls in compact structures called cones. The group in reference is

  1. Monocots
  2. Dicots
  3. Pteridophytes
  4. Gymnosperms

24. In lichens Algal component is known as

  1. mycobiont
  2. Phycobiont
  3. A & B
  4. none of these

25. In lichens fungal component is known as

  1. mycobiont
  2. phycobiont
  3. A & B
  4. none of these

26. The study of algae is called

  1. Mycology
  2. Algology
  3. Taxonomy
  4. Lichenology

27. In which plant, the gametophytic phase is main and sporophytic phase is subsidiary

  1. Nephrolepis
  2. Selaginella
  3. Anthoceros
  4. Equisetum

28. Fusion of two motile gametes which are dissimilar in size is termed as

  1. Oogamy
  2. Isogamy
  3. Anisogamy
  4. Zoogamy

29. Cyanobacteria are classified under

  1. Protista
  2. Plantae
  3. Monera
  4. Algae

30. Presence of rigid cell wall is characterized by kingdom

  1. Protista
  2. Plantae
  3. Monera
  4. Animalia

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