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Reproduction in Flowering Plants Quiz Question with Answer

1. A callose covering is present over

  1. egg
  2. pollen grain
  3. male gamete
  4. microspore mother cell

2. A diploid female plant is crossed with tetraploid male. The ploidy of endosperm will be

  1. Tetraploidy
  2. Triploidy
  3. Pentaploidy
  4. Diploidy

3. An advantage of cleistogamy is

  1. it leads to 2rversity
  2. seed dispersal is more efficient and widespread
  3. each visit of pollinator brings hundered of pollen grains
  4. seed set is not dependent on pollinators

4. Anemophily occurs in

  1. Salvia
  2. Vallisnaria
  3. Coconut
  4. Bottle brush

5. Anther represents

  1. male gametophyte
  2. male sporophyll
  3. spermatogonia
  4. female gametophyte

6. Anthesis is

  1. formation of pollen
  2. development of anther
  3. reception of pollen by stigmas
  4. opening of floral bud

7. Arrangement of nuclei in normal dicot embryo sac is

  1. 3+3+2
  2. 2+4+2+
  3. 3+2+3
  4. 2+3+3

8. Bicarpeliary gynaecium and oblique ovary occurs in

  1. Banana
  2. Brinjal
  3. Pisum
  4. Mustard

9. Bird pollination is

  1. chiropterophily
  2. ornithophily
  3. malacophily
  4. myrmecophily.

10. Cleistbgamous flowers are

  1. self pollinated
  2. insect pollinated
  3. bird pollinated
  4. wind pollinated

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Reproduction in Flowering Plants Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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