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Dive into the captivating world of botany with our extensive collection of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on the Plant Kingdom. Whether you're a student studying plant biology, a professional botanist, or simply a nature enthusiast eager to expand your knowledge, our repository offers a comprehensive resource. Explore topics ranging from plant classification and morphology to physiological processes, ecology, and evolution. Each MCQ is meticulously crafted to test your understanding and stimulate critical thinking. Whether you're exploring the diversity of plant species, understanding the mechanisms of photosynthesis, or unraveling the complexities of plant reproduction, our MCQs provide a dynamic learning experience. Start exploring today to deepen your expertise in the fascinating world of plants.

Plant Kingdom Questions with Answers

1. If the diploid number of a flowering plant is 36. What would be the chromosome number in its endosperm

2. The embryo sac of an Angiosperm is made up of

3. A Prothallus is

4. Study of lichens is called

5. The plant cell without chloroplast is

6. The giant Redwood tree (Sequoia sempervirens) is an

7. Microsporophyll : Stamen then Megasporophyll

8. The first land plant on earth was

9. Xerophytic Characters are present in

10. Fungus cell wall is made up of

11. Which is the Fossil member ?

12. The study of fungi is

13. Helophiles is also called

14. Which one of the following is also called halophiles ?

15. Example of blue green algae is in

16. The first existing group of plant is

17. Unicellular eukaryotic microorganisms comprise

18. In Fungi reserved food materials are

19. Protonema is

20. According to Whittakers classification, prokaryotes are placed in

21. In which of the following kingdoms, bacteria and blue-green algae are included ?

22. Prokaryotes are included in the kingdom

23. Plants of this group are diploid and well adapted to extreme conditions. They grow bearing sporophylls in compact structures called cones. The group in reference is

24. In lichens Algal component is known as

25. In lichens fungal component is known as

26. The study of algae is called

27. In which plant, the gametophytic phase is main and sporophytic phase is subsidiary

28. Fusion of two motile gametes which are dissimilar in size is termed as

29. Cyanobacteria are classified under

30. Presence of rigid cell wall is characterized by kingdom

31. A plant shows thallus level of organization. It shows rhizoids and is haploid. It needs water to complete its life cycle bcause the male gametes are motile. Identify the group to which it belongs to

32. Plant of this group possess naked seed

33. Holdfast, stipe and frond constitutes the plant body in case of

34. By how many criteria, living organisms have been classified into five kingdom

35. The tallest living tree of a Angioperm is

36. The tallest living tree in the world is

37. The smallest gymnosperm is


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Plant Kingdom

Plant Kingdom Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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