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21. Lord Mountbatten arrived in India on 22nd March 1947 as the new Viceroy in the place of Lord Wavell to finalise the process of the transfer of power. His first act was to invite Gandhiji to meet him in that connection. When did Gandhiji meet him for the first time?

  1. 29-Mar-47
  2. 30-Mar-47
  3. 31-Mar-47
  4. 23-Mar-47

22. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on

  1. October 5, 1896
  2. October 3, 1840
  3. October 2, 1869
  4. October 10, 1880

23. On being arrested for his Quit India programme, where was Gandhi detained?

  1. Yeravada Jail
  2. Byculla Prison
  3. Agakhan Palace Jail
  4. Ahmedabad Prison cell

24. On which day of March 1930 Gandhiji started with a band of chosen volunteers on his famous Dandi March to break the law by manufacturing illegally, but openly, salt from the sea?

  1. Tenth
  2. Thirteenth
  3. Eleventh
  4. Twelfth

25. Subhash Chandra Bose was elected President of the Congress in 1938 with Gandhijis goodwill. He wanted a second term, but Gandhiji did not approve of it. Despite the disapproval, Bose fought the election and won it, defeating the official candidate by over 200 votes. Gandhiji took it as a personal defeat. Identify the candidate.

  1. Lala Lajpatrai
  2. Jawaharlal Nehru
  3. Pattabhi Sitaramayya
  4. Sarojini Naidu

26. The book Unto This Last greatly captivated and transformed Gandhi. So much so that he translated it into Gujarati. Who was its author?

  1. Ruskin Bond
  2. John Ruskin
  3. Leo Tolstoy
  4. Louis Fisher

27. The differences with Gandhiji led Subhas Chandra Bose to resign the Presidentship of the India National Congress in 1939. Leaving the Congress he formed a new party called __________________.

  1. Indian National Party
  2. Forward Bloc
  3. Freedom Party
  4. Freedom Bloc

28. The historic August session of the All-India Congress Committee, at which the Quit India Resolution was passed, was held at Gowali Park in __________________.

  1. Bombay
  2. Calcutta
  3. Ahmedabad
  4. Amritsar

29. To become a barrister in England, one had to join one of the Inns of Courst. After obtaining admission, Gandhiji joined the Inner Temple on

  1. October 5, 1870
  2. December 15, 1885
  3. November 6, 1888
  4. January 3, 1880

30. To put the ideas of Unto This Last into practice, Gandhiji founded the Phoenix Settlement near Durban which came into being in the middle of the year

  1. 1903
  2. 1904
  3. 1905
  4. 1906

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