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51. While holding a first-class ticket Gandhiji was ordered by a railway official to shift to the van compartment. On his refusal to comply with the unjust order, a constable was called to push him out with bag and baggage. Identify the railway station where this incident took place.

52. Who asked Gandhiji to eat meat in order to become strong?

53. Who described Gandhis march to Dandi in the following words? Like the historic march of Ramchandra to Lanka, the march of Gandhi will be memorable

54. Who in South Africa gave Gandhiji Unto This Last to read which proved to be one of the most decisive books of his life?

55. Who inspired Gandhi with Ram Nam in his childhood?

56. Who is the author of Unto This Last?

57. Who worked as a Private Secretary to Mahatma Gandhi?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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