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Birds MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

1. ...............bird weaves grass to make a nest

  1. woodpecker
  2. weaver
  3. pigeon
  4. sparrow

2. ...............can fly

  1. ostrich
  2. emu
  3. kiwi
  4. pigeon

3. ...............can not fly

  1. ostrich
  2. pigeon
  3. cuckoo
  4. sparrow

4. A..................make a hole in a tree trunk with its beak

  1. woodpecker
  2. pigeon
  3. sparrow
  4. penguin

5. All the following traits help birds fly, EXCEPT

  1. They have wings.
  2. They have hollow bones.
  3. They have feathers.
  4. They have a beak.

6. Birds and mammals have the following trait in common

  1. They both lay eggs.
  2. They both are warm blooded.
  3. They both have feathers.
  4. They both have teeth.

7. Birds are the only animal group that

  1. can fly.
  2. has wings.
  3. has feathers.
  4. builds a nest.

8. Birds bodies are shaped like

  1. aeroplane
  2. train
  3. car
  4. motorbike

9. Birds build...............when they have to lay eggs

  1. house
  2. nests
  3. burrow
  4. shed

10. Birds fly with their

  1. fins
  2. legs
  3. wings
  4. body

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Birds

Birds Trivia Questions and Answers PDF

Birds Question and Answer

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