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Marine Mammals Quiz Question with Answer

1. A Blue whale weighs .............pounds

  1. 300
  2. 3000
  3. 30000
  4. 300000

2. Choose the food that marine mammals do NOT eat

  1. fish
  2. penguins
  3. shellfish
  4. white-tailed deer

3. Choose the only vegetarian marine mammal

  1. manatee
  2. humback whale
  3. walrus
  4. sea otter

4. Marine mammals are endangered because of all the following, except

  1. whale watchers
  2. hunting
  3. pollution
  4. habitat loss

5. Marine mammals include all of the following, except

  1. whales
  2. dolphins
  3. sharks
  4. sea lions

6. The largest marine mammal on Earth is the

  1. killer whale
  2. walrus
  3. elephant
  4. blue whale

7. Which mammal trait do marine mammals NOT have?

  1. warm blood
  2. milk for their young
  3. body fur
  4. live births

8. Which marine mammal is part of the shortest food chain?

  1. dolphins and fish
  2. sea otters and sea urchins
  3. blue whales and krill
  4. leopard seals and penguins

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Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Marine Mammals

Marine Mammals Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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