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Horse Quiz Question with Answer

1. A baby horse is born with no teeth

  1. TRUE Statement
  2. FALSE Statement?

2. Horses usually live for around 20 to 25 years but a horse called Old Billy holds the world record for being the oldest horse that has ever lived. How old was he when he died ?

  1. 52 years old
  2. 62 years old
  3. 72 years old

3. How many horses do the New York City Police Department have to assist officers with their official duties across the streets and parks of New York?

  1. about 10
  2. about 100
  3. about 1000

4. What is a common way of assessing a horses age?

  1. examining its hooves
  2. examining its mane
  3. examining its teeth

5. What is the common unit of measurement for measuring a horses height?

  1. centimetres
  2. feet
  3. hands

6. What is the correct name for a baby horse?

  1. foal
  2. calf
  3. kid

7. What is the correct name for a young female horse?

  1. filly
  2. mare
  3. colt

8. What is the correct name for an adult female horse?

  1. filly
  2. mare
  3. colt

9. What is the typical average speed of a horse when it is galloping?

  1. 25 to 30 mph
  2. 35 to 40 mph
  3. 45 to 50 mph

10. When is it believed that horses were first domesticated?

  1. about 2000 years ago
  2. about 4000 years ago
  3. about 6000 years ago

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