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Polarization of Light Questions with Answers

51. The Specific rotation is

52. The thickness of crystal in an LCD is chosen so that it rotates the plane of vibration of plane polarized light by

53. The waves forming ordinary image are

54. What happen if the ordinary unpolarised light is passed through a Uniaxial crystal

55. What happen to O and E rays if they travel along the optic Axis?

56. What is the life time of electron in metastable state?

57. What is the wavelength of red light emitted by a helium-neon laser?

58. When a beam of ordinary white light is passed through a Polaroid plate filter, the intensity of the beam that emerges is

59. When light travels parallel to the optic axis

60. When the light is incident at the polarizing angle which of the following completely polarised

61. Which is the following used to convert Unpolarised light into polarised light

62. Which of the following phenomena suggest that light may be a transverse wave?

63. Which of the laser have high efficiency

64. Which of the laser have very low efficiency

65. Which one is the example of uniaxial crystal?

66. Which waves travels with the different velocity in different directions

67. Which waves travels with the same velocity in all directions

68. Zone plate has some similarities as well as some differences with a


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Polarization of Light

Polarization of Light Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Polarization of Light Trivia Quiz

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