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Polarization of Light Quiz Question with Answer

1. A 20 cm long tube containing 48 c.c. of sugar rotes the plane of polarization by 11 degree. If the specific rotation of sugar is 66 degree, calculate the mass of sugar solution.

  1. 8 gm
  2. 4 gm
  3. 16 gm
  4. 10 gm

2. A dichroic crystal converts UPL to PPL

  1. reflection
  2. Double refraction
  3. refraction
  4. selective absorption

3. A half wave plate is used to add a phase difference of......................O ray and E ray

  1. pi/2
  2. pi
  3. 2 pi

4. A He - Ne laser is a

  1. Two level
  2. Four level
  3. Three level
  4. One level

5. A hologram records.............of light

  1. Intensity
  2. Intensity and phase
  3. frequency
  4. frequency and Phase

6. A LCD is a device which is uses the phenomenon of

  1. optical activity
  2. refraction
  3. scattering
  4. dispersion

7. A optically active material

  1. changes the direction of propagation of light
  2. changes the direction of reflected light
  3. changes the direction of reflected light
  4. changes the direction of the plane of polarization

8. A polarizer and analyzer are oriented so that he amount of transmitted light is maximum .through what angle should either be the turned so that the intensity transmitted light is reduced to 0.25 time maximum intensity.

  1. 90 degree
  2. 60 degree
  3. 150 degree
  4. 160 degree

9. A quarter of a wavelength is equal to how many degrees of phase?

  1. 90
  2. 45
  3. 60
  4. 180

10. A semiconductor diode Laser is

  1. Four level
  2. Three level
  3. Two level
  4. one level

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