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Reflection of Light Quiz Question with Answer

1. When a virtual image is created in a plane mirror

  1. the image is upright
  2. the image is located behind the mirror
  3. reflected rays diverge
  4. all of the above

2. The law of reflection says that

  1. the angle of reflection from a mirror equals the angle of incidence
  2. waves incident on a mirror are partially reflected
  3. all waves incident on a mirror are reflected
  4. the angle a ray is reflected from a mirror is random

3. An interference pattern is produced when

  1. two or more light waves meet
  2. the crests of two waves meet
  3. the troughs of two waves meet
  4. all of the above

4. Coherent light is many different rays of light all having the same

  1. frequency
  2. wavelength
  3. phase
  4. all of the above

5. An echo occurs when sound

  1. is transmitted through a surface
  2. is reflected from a distant surface
  3. changes speed when it strikes a distant surface
  4. all of the above

6. Diffuse reflection occurs when the size of surface irregularities is

  1. larger than 1 m in diameter
  2. large compared to the wavelength of the light used
  3. small compared to the wavelength of the light used
  4. larger than 1 cm in diameter

7. In a curved optical fiber, light

  1. gains energy in each internal reflection
  2. internally reflects in a succession of straight-line paths
  3. bends and follows the curve of the fiber

8. It is difficult to see the roadway from a car on a rainy night because the road surface

  1. is obscured by the rain itself
  2. that is normally a diffuse reflector when dry becomes a mirror surface when wet
  3. absorbs the light more when wet
  4. scatters light in all directions

9. The critical angle for a light from the bottom of a swimming pool shining upward toward the pools surface is the angle

  1. where light is refracted so it just skims the pool surface
  2. 43 degrees
  3. at which all light is refracted out of the pool
  4. 42 degrees

10. The reason we can read print from any direction is that

  1. the white part of a page reflects light in all directions
  2. letters emit black light in all directions
  3. letters absorb black light from all directions
  4. all of the above

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