Australia Quiz Question with Answer

11. What is Australias largest non-salt lake?

  1. Lake Eyre
  2. Lake Corangamite
  3. Lake Mackay, WA
  4. Lake Gordon

12. What is Kylie Minogues lingerie line called?

  1. Love Kylie
  2. Sing Kylie
  3. Bazz Kylie
  4. Pop Kylie

13. What is South Australias largest island?

  1. Tasmania
  2. Melville Island
  3. Kangaroo Island
  4. Groote Eylandt

14. What is the longest river in the Northern Territory?

  1. Murray
  2. Darling
  3. Swan
  4. Victoria

15. What is the tallest waterfall in Australia?

  1. Wallaman Falls, QLD
  2. Jim Jim Falls
  3. Russell Falls
  4. Josphine Falls

16. What outback towns population swells from 120 to crowds of over 5000 for a racing carnival?

  1. Birdsville
  2. Koala Blue
  3. The Castle
  4. The Seekers

17. What was the name of Olivia Newton-Johns chain of clothing stores?

  1. Birdsville
  2. Koala Blue
  3. The Castle
  4. The Seekers

18. Where is the Big Prawn?

  1. Ballina
  2. Birdsville
  3. Koala Blue
  4. Bee

19. Which is the second largest city in NSW?NewcastleCessnockLake MacquarieSwansea

  1. 1

20. Which of the following is not an Australian innovation?

  1. Chiko Roll
  2. Plastic bank notes
  3. Dual flush toilet
  4. Lawn Sprinkler

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