American Imperialism Question with Answer

11. In the 1890s, William R. Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer used their newspapers to

  1. help start the Boxer Rebellion.
  2. repeal the Monroe Doctrine.
  3. increase sympathy for Cuban rebels.
  4. elect Theodore Roosevelt President.

12. Which event led to the Spanish-American War?

  1. Cubans rebelled against Spanish rule.
  2. The United States annexed Cuba.
  3. Spain destroyed American-owned sugar plantations in the Philippines.
  4. The Spanish navy sank two American ships in the Pacific.

13. As a result of the peace treaty with Spain, the United States gained

  1. Honduras, Colombia, and Cuba.
  2. Mexico, Venezuela, and Chile.
  3. the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico.
  4. Samoa, the Philippines, and Hawaii.

14. The United States annexed the Midway Islands to set up

  1. cotton plantations.
  2. markets for food and other goods.
  3. a naval refueling and repair station.
  4. a farm-machine factory.

15. Why was the Open Door Policy important to the United States?

  1. It gave the United States territory in China.
  2. It gave the United States access to millions of consumers in China.
  3. It increased Chinese investments in the United States.
  4. It kept European goods out of China.

16. What was the central message of the Roosevelt Corollary?

  1. United States territories could not enter any foreign agreements.
  2. United States territories would remain unincorporated.
  3. The United States would use force to prevent intervention in neighboring countries.
  4. The United States would support revolutionary movements that promoted democratic principles.

17. The building of the Panama Canal was important because it

  1. helped stabilize the economies of Latin American countries.
  2. improved relations between Colombia and the United States.
  3. facilitated movement between Atlantic and Pacific ports.
  4. promoted European investment in the United States.

18. The United States acquired control of the Canal Zone by

  1. paying Panama 25 million.
  2. signing a treaty with Spain.
  3. passing the Roosevelt Corollary
  4. organizing a revolt in Panama.

19. Among Latin Americans, United States actions related to the Panama Canal created

  1. hope for a prosperous future.
  2. calls for Roosevelt’s impeachment.
  3. ill will toward the United States.
  4. a long-lasting economic crisis.

20. President Taft was known for a foreign policy based on

  1. military intervention.
  2. land concessions.
  3. economic investment.
  4. humanitarian projects.

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