Wordpress Quiz Question with Answer

31. Where can you find the official WordPress documentation and usage guide?

  1. support.wordpress.com
  2. developer.wordpress.com
  3. developer.wordpress.org
  4. support.wordpress.org

32. Where do you configure global settings for comments on your WordPress site?

  1. Tools screen
  2. wp-config.php
  3. cPanel
  4. Discussion Settings

33. Which folder in a WordPress install is not affected by an automatic WordPress update?

  1. /wp-admin
  2. root
  3. /wp-content
  4. /wp-includes

34. Which is a best practice for working with WordPress CSS?

  1. Use !important next to styles if they don't give you the result you want.
  2. Use hyphens in class names.
  3. Use spaces to indent each property.
  4. Avoid CSS shorthand for proper documentation.

35. Which is not a benefit of DRY code?

  1. The code can be reused.
  2. The code is less abstracted.
  3. The code is easier to read.
  4. The code is easier to maintain.

36. Which is NOT a suggested performance improvement for your WordPress website?

  1. The site should run the most recent version of WordPress.
  2. Remove or inactivate unnecessary plugins.
  3. UTF8 is supported.
  4. Choose a very recent version of PHP.

37. Which of the following file types is NOT involved in translating WordPress?

  1. .po
  2. .pot
  3. .mot
  4. .mo

38. Which of the following is NOT a suggested security improvement for your WordPress website?

  1. The site should communicate with WordPress.org.
  2. Remove inactive themes.
  3. Do not output debug information.WordPress updates are accomplished manually only.
  4. 4

39. Which of the following must have underlined links in order to meet WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards?

  1. links on images
  2. links in user interface controls
  3. links in a nav bar
  4. links in paragraph text

40. Which of these are best practices in accessibility?

  1. Do not skip heading levels.
  2. Be sure there is proper color contrast between background and text.
  3. If an activity can be completed with a mouse, it must also be accessible by keyboard.
  4. all of these answers

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