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51. Within the editor, blocks are rendered as JavaScript. How are blocks rendered on the front end of a site?

52. Wordpress core and many plugins store data in the database in a special format as represented by the sample below. What format is this called?

53. WordPress is an open-source software licensed under the GPL. This means that

54. WordPress is translated, at least partially, in more than 200 locales. If you wanted to help translate WordPress into other languages, which contributor group would you join?

55. WP_Query is the WordPress query class that is used to fetch posts from the database. How would you create a new instance of this class?

56. You can harden your Wordpress site security by adding _ to your wp-config.php file?

57. You can harden your WordPress site security by adding __ to your wp-config.php file?

58. You have a search bar on your site. You would like to use a

59. You would use a post instead of a page when the content is

60. According to WordPress PHP coding standards for inline comments, how would you write a single-line comment in a PHP document?

61. Akismet is a plugin that comes automatically installed with WordPress. What does it do?

62. For the majority of modern themes, what is the standard method used to customize various details of site appearance and features, such as changing the site description or adding a logo and favicons?

63. How many minutes does it take to install WordPress according to the "Famous X-Minute Installation" instructions on WordPress.org?

64. How would you use CSS to ensure your theme was mobile responsive?

65. If you activate or update a plugin and it breaks your site so that you cannot manage it via wp-admin, how can you disable the plugin?

66. If you have pretty permalinks enabled on a WordPress site, the REST API index is exposed by appending what to the end of the site URL? (for example, http://example.com/answer/) Note that the index provides information regarding which routes are available for that particular WordPress install.

67. If you wanted to debug some JavaScript, which method would you use to display data in your browser console?

68. If you wanted to register a custom post type, which hook would you use?

69. If your WordPress site is seriously compromised, what is the best course of action to return your site to good health?

70. In a standard template file, how often does the WordPress Loop run?


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Wordpress Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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