Wordpress Quiz Question with Answer

21. What is the difference between an action and a filter?

  1. Actions are used to add custom functions and remove WordPress functions. Filters are used to make strings translatable for localization.
  2. Actions are used to add or remove code at runtime. Filters are used to modify data before it is either displayed in the browser or saved to the database.
  3. Actions are used to assign values to variables at runtime. Filters are used to extract data from actions and display it in the browser.
  4. Actions are used to add user-inputted data to the database. Filters are used to validate user-inputted data prior to adding it to the database.

22. What is the name of the open-source project that serves as a bug tracker and project management tool for WordPress?

  1. HackerOne
  2. Redmine
  3. Trac
  4. GitHub Issues

23. What is the process of marking the code you write so that it is ready for translation?

  1. internationalization
  2. localization
  3. translation
  4. using GlotPress

24. What is the role of a WordPress theme?

  1. controls colors, fonts, and page layouts
  2. adds accessibility enhancements such as keyboard navigation and skip links
  3. ensures a site is mobile responsive
  4. all of these answers

25. What service is used to manage user profile photos across any WordPress site?

  1. Gravatar
  2. WordPress.org
  3. None. Just upload a profile photo from your site user account.
  4. Profile Photo plugin

26. What technique would you use to secure data before rendering it to a user?

  1. escape and sanitize
  2. validate and escape
  3. validate and sanitize
  4. escape and secure

27. What user role would you assign to someone so they can write and publish only their posts and no one else's?

  1. Contributor
  2. Author
  3. Editor
  4. Subscriber

28. What would you do to improve your site's performance?

  1. Only load scripts and styles on pages where they are needed.
  2. Minify CSS and JavaScript files.
  3. all of these answers
  4. Use a CDN.

29. What's the primary difference between template tags prefaced with the versus get_the?

  1. Template tags prefaced with the _ don't accept arguments.
  2. Template tags prefaced with the _ can be used directly within a template.
  3. Template tags prefaced with the _ display a value. Template tags prefaced with get_the return a value.
  4. Template tags prefaced with the _ return a value. Template tags prefaced with get_the display a value.

30. When should you edit core WordPress files?

  1. when there is no plugin available to make a customization you need
  2. when you need to add a custom page template
  3. when you need to add a custom script to the header or footer of every page in a site
  4. You should never edit WordPress core.

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