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Laravel Question with Answer

1. Laravel is based on

  1. MVVM Design Pattern
  2. MVC Design Pattern
  3. Singleton Design Pattern
  4. Composite Design Pattern

2. All records from Laravel collection are return by which collection method?

  1. ->all()
  2. ->get()
  3. ->where()
  4. ->whereAll()

3. Laravel command line interface is

  1. CLI
  2. php artisan
  3. composer
  4. git

4. The command is used to start laravel server is

  1. php artisan serve
  2. php artisan start
  3. php artisan start-server
  4. php artisan project_name

5. Command is used to remove the compiled class file in Laravel is

  1. php artisan clear-class
  2. php artisan clear-compiled
  3. php artisan down
  4. php artisan inspire

6. How to list all routes by terminal?

  1. php artisan routes
  2. php artisan getroutes
  3. php artisan route:list
  4. php artisan listroutes

7. What is it Blade?

  1. Template Engine
  2. package
  3. view file
  4. framework

8. What is @yield used for?

  1. to display the contents of a given section
  2. to extend an layout
  3. to include a file
  4. None of the above

9. Which artisan command is used to remove the compiled class file?

  1. clear:all
  2. compiled:clear
  3. clear compiled
  4. clear-compiled

10. The method which returns the average value of a given key ?

  1. avg()
  2. avg_val()
  3. average()
  4. median()

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