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Wordpress Quiz Question with Answer

1. In the WordPress template hierarchy, which file could not be used to display an archive?

  1. archive.php
  2. index.php
  3. page.php
  4. category.php

2. In which of the following ways might you contribute to the WordPress community by testing?

  1. user testing
  2. beta testing
  3. automated testing
  4. all of these answers

3. In WordPress, what is the block editor used for?

  1. cropping images in the media library
  2. injecting specialized scripts into the content area
  3. creating a site layout
  4. creating and laying out content

4. In WordPress, what is the Loop used to do?

  1. It displays a single page.
  2. It displays posts on an archive.
  3. It displays a single post.
  4. all of these answers

5. In WordPress, what is true of plugins?

  1. Plugins are available in free or premium (paid) versions.
  2. Plugins can extend WordPress core functionality.
  3. Plugins add site-specific features.
  4. all of these answers

6. In your wp-config.php file, you've added the following line of code. What does it do?
define( 'DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true );

  1. prevents any non-admin user from directly editing theme or plugin files
  2. disables the theme and plugin editor in the WordPress admin
  3. disables the ability to edit core WordPress files from either within the WordPress admin or via direct file access
  4. sets read-only permissions on all files in the WordPress install

7. JavaScript variables can hold many data types. Which data type does the following variable represent?
var x = "16"

  1. Boolean
  2. Number
  3. String
  4. Object

8. On a webpage, there are frequently navigation links, a search bar, or other elements that appear before the main content. For keyborad and screen reader users, it can be frustrating to get to the main content of a page because they have to tab through all these elements on every new page load. What can you add to a site to fix this?

  1. collapsible menus
  2. infinite scroll
  3. skip links
  4. tabbed navigation

9. Review of the HTML on line1. The goal of the PHP on line 2 is to extract the field value and assign it to a variable prior to inserting into the database. What is wrong with this PHP code?

$title = $_POST[ 'title' ];

  1. The code sample does not use the GET method. It should be wrapped in the get_post_field() function and look like this $title = get_post_field( $GET[ 'title' ] );
  2. The code sample does not use sanitize the form data. It should use the sanitize_text_field() function and look like this: $title = sanitize_text_field( $_POST[ 'title' ] );
  3. There is no error. The code follows WordPress best practices.
  4. The code sample does not allow for translation. It should use a translation function and look like this: $title = __( $_POST[ 'title' ];

10. The REST API is a simple way to get data in and out of WordPress over HTTP. Applications using the REST API should be written in which programming language?

  1. PHP
  2. any programming language that can make HTTP requests and interpret JSON
  3. Java
  4. Node.js

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