Carpentry MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

71. The scroll saw is also called a

  1. compass saw.
  2. jigsaw.
  3. coping saw.
  4. band saw.

72. The size of a drill press is expressed as twice the distance from the center of the column.

  1. table
  2. bit
  3. chuck
  4. spindle

73. The size of a power drill is determined by the size of its

  1. bit.
  2. chuck.
  3. torque.
  4. collar.

74. The thickness of a tenon should be..............the thickness of the piece in which the mortise will be cut.

  1. twice
  2. between one-third and one-half
  3. less than one-fourth
  4. three-fourths

75. The three keys to good design include

  1. proportion, balance, symmetry.
  2. appearance, sound construction, function.
  3. function, harmony, emphasis.
  4. sound construction, scale, evaluation.

76. The top grade of hardwood lumber is labeled

  1. factory lumber.
  2. yard lumber.
  3. FAS.
  4. common yard lumber.

77. The two basic types of hardware are cabinet hardware and

  1. surface hardware.
  2. structural hardware.
  3. metal fasteners.
  4. metal guides.

78. The two main types of butt joints include edge butt joints and

  1. end butt joints.
  2. face butt joints.
  3. corner butt joints.
  4. angled butt joints.

79. The vertical part of a shoulder is cut with a

  1. gouge.
  2. skew.
  3. parting tool.
  4. hermaphrodite caliper.

80. The width of a tenon should be............inches or less.

  1. 5
  2. 4
  3. 3
  4. 2

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