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Language and Linguistics Questions with Answers

51. The initial consonant in Young is a.........sound

52. The initial sound in chair and jam are examples for

53. The initial sounds in the words ship, church and judge; ar examples for

54. The IPA came into existence in the year

55. The IPA was established by a group of

56. The is a processes of word formation by which new words are formed by attaching prefixes or suffixes to the base form

57. The –ish in the word childish is

58. The language variety which has certain features which are typical of certain disciplines, topics, fields, occupations and social roles played by the speaker, is called

59. The Musical Theory of the origin of language was advanced by

60. The older term used to designate the study of languages is

61. The –or in actor is

62. The phonemes which do not occur in the same linguistic environment and which when occur so, do not bring about a change in meaning are said to be in

63. The preceding sound influencing the following sound is an instance of..............assimilation

64. The present-tense form of the verb read and its past-tense which is pronounced as red is an example of

65. The process by which one speech sound gets changed to another under the influence of another

66. The processes of word formation whereby new words are formed by subtracting a root by deleting final syllable which is misunderstood as a suffix.

67. The processes of word formation wherein new words are coined by combining the segments of two different existing words.

68. The processes of word formation wherein one or more syllables are removed from an existing long words

69. The processes of word formation wherein two or more existing words are simply combined.

70. The pronunciation of English practised by the educated people at the public schools came to be called

71. The r in red is articulated as a

72. The –s in boys is

73. The –s in johns is

74. The –s in she sings well is

75. The shortened forms like photo for photograph is an instance of

76. The special features which affect speech sounds such as stress, pitch intonation and juncture are called

77. The study of elementary speech sounds is called

78. The study of meaning is called

79. The study of the way that sequences of words are ordered into phrases, clauses, and sentences is called

80. The study ordering of speech sounds into the smallest meaningful groups is called

81. The substitution of the aspirated /k/ for the un-aspirated /k/ in the word sky does not alter the meaning of the word. It is an instance of

82. The system of phonetic notation composed of symbols and letters devised by the International Phonetic Association is

83. The systematic study of signs is called

84. The term semiology was introduced by

85. The term semiotics was introduced by

86. The term which is used to designate words which are spelt differently but pronounced alike and which are different in meaning.

87. The term..............refers to omissions of certain sounds, syllables or even words in continuous speech

88. The theory of Transformational Generative Grammar is contained in

89. The theory which is based on the assumption that language originated as a result of human instinct to imitate sounds

90. The theory which is based on the assumption that language originated as a result of the involuntary exclamations of pain, surprise, pleasure or wonder

91. The theory which is based on the assumption that language originated in the sense of rhythm innate in man

92. The theory which Is based upon the assumption that language has been formed from the words uttered by groups of persons engaged in joint burdensome labour

93. The two great linguists who have contributed much to frame the device of Immediate Constituent analysis are

94. The two sounds influencing each other and combine to produce a third sound is an instance of...............assimilation

95. The type of study of the changes in language over a span of time is called

96. The type of study which focus on the analysis of the systematic interrelation of the elements of a single language at a particular time is called

97. The voiced sound /z/ denoting the plural morpheme in the word dogs is an instance of..............assimilation

98. The word bank in on the banks on the river and banks are financial institutions is called a

99. The word examination is a............word

100. The words denoting the colour red and the past-tense of the verb read ; right and write; and site and sight are examples for


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Language and Linguistics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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