Language and Linguistics Quiz Question with Answer

31. The classification of vowels into tense vowels and lax vowels is based on

  1. The position of the lips
  2. The part of the tongue that is raised
  3. The height to which the tongue is raised
  4. The state of the tension of the tongue

32. The clear /l/ and the dark /l/ may be considered to be the............of the same phoneme /l/

  1. Allophones
  2. Allomorphs
  3. Morpheme variants
  4. Minimal pairs

33. The consonant /l/ is called

  1. Sibilant
  2. Lateral
  3. Nasal
  4. Semi-vowel

34. The consonant /s/ is called

  1. Sibilant
  2. Lateral
  3. Nasal
  4. Semi-vowel

35. The consonants /j/ and /w/ are called

  1. Semi-vowels
  2. Laterals
  3. Sibilants
  4. Trills

36. The degree of force with which a sound of syllable is uttered is

  1. Stress
  2. Pitch
  3. Intonation
  4. Juncture

37. The device used in modern linguistics for grouping together words and phrases so as to remove ambiguity of construction is

  1. Transformational Generative grammar
  2. The phrase structure Grammar
  3. Immediate Constituent Analysis
  4. All the above

38. The different concrete phonetic variation of the same phoneme are called

  1. Allophones
  2. Homophones
  3. Homographs
  4. Homonyms

39. The Ding-Dong theory of the origin of language was advanced by

  1. Wilhelm Wundt and Sir Richard Paget
  2. Noire
  3. Max-Muller
  4. Otto Jepersen

40. The –en in strengthen is a

  1. An adjective forming morpheme
  2. Plural morpheme
  3. Possessive morpheme
  4. Verb forming morpheme

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