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History of English Language Question with Answer

1. ...............of the English language distinguish three main stages in its development

  1. Philosopher
  2. Foreigners
  3. Historians
  4. Europeans

2. After the Norman Conquest, which language became the language of courts and government?

  1. Norse
  2. French
  3. Latin
  4. Old English

3. Anglo-Saxon is otherwise called as

  1. Old English
  2. Middle English
  3. New English
  4. British English

4. In 1453, ................., the seat of European learning fell to the Turks.

  1. London
  2. Athens
  3. Rome
  4. Constantinople

5. In the year, ............., the seat of the European learning, Constantinople, fell into the hands of the Turks.

  1. 1673
  2. 1667
  3. 1643
  4. 1453

6. In the year..........., English replaced French as the language of the law courts.

  1. 1362
  2. 1331
  3. 1385
  4. 1372

7. It is believed that the original Indo- European has split up into.............distinct language groups.

  1. Seven
  2. Eight
  3. Five
  4. Six

8. Italian words also begin to make their appearance in English, especially in connection with music and the arts during the

  1. Renaissance
  2. Modern period
  3. Old English period
  4. Middle English period

9. Language is a social phenomenon

  1. both a and b
  2. none of the above
  3. True Statement
  4. False Statement

10. Max Muller, German Philologist is associated with

  1. Ding-Dong theory
  2. Pooh-Pooh theory
  3. Bow -wow theory
  4. Gesture theory

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