Is Joshua coming back?

Is Joshua coming back?

Very impressive knockout, but not overly convincing boxing.

The brutal nature of boxing was on full display in Robert Helenius' last two fights. Against two of the top heavyweights in Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua, the Finnish fighter was viciously knocked out cold. Yet immediately after, his conquerors showed him kindness and respect. Registration and mostbet giriş will take just a few minutes, and you'll be able to win money on a regular basis.

Was it new or old Joshua?

The fights served as harsh reminders that at its core, boxing is about friends turned foes for one violent night. Wilder and Helenius were former sparring partners who formed a bond. But for Wilder to get back in the win column after losses to Fury, he needed a credible yet beatable foe - so he helped his buddy get a big payday, at a huge physical cost. As Wilder noted, the financial gain doesn't remove the suffering.

After getting flattened by Wilder, Helenius considered retiring. For half a year, he didn't think about boxing, aside from some light training. He focused on powerlifting and removed himself from the fight world. But the itch returned, drawn by the adrenaline. Despite concerns over potential brain damage, Helenius couldn't resist the lure of the ring. The fire still burned inside him, the primal desire to test his warrior spirit.

So two weeks ago he returned, scoring a knockout victory in a 15th century castle turned opera house. The Nordic setting provided a fitting backdrop for the hardened Finnish fighter's comeback. Then came an urgent call - with Dillian Whyte's drug test issues, could Helenius step in on short notice to face Anthony Joshua?

Joshua win after last two bouts

Joshua was also seeking redemption, having lost his heavyweight titles via unanimous decision to Oleksandr Usyk in their last two bouts. Once again, Helenius was the perfect opponent - good enough to be credible, but not a huge threat. Joshua admitted part of Helenius' appeal was his smaller asking price compared to other options.

In taking the fight, Joshua also hoped to satiate calls for more aggression and score an emphatic knockout, which he did by planting Helenius on the canvas. Afterward, he congratulated his outmatched foe for helping save the event. Helenius left well compensated but without his dreams realized. It's an outcome he and many journeymen prefer over never getting the chance at all. Their willingness helps keep the brutal boxing machine turning, if not realizing their own aspirations. The cycle continues, as brave warriors risk it all for the love of battle.