TearDrop Banner Flags - An Affordable Mean of Advertising

Completely portable, tear drop flags are perfect for events where brand visibility in crowded areas is required. Teardrop flags, commonly referred to as teardrop flag banners or teardrop feather flags, are large teardrop-shaped flags with any custom design printed on them using a dye sublimation process. The main benefit of Tear Drop Flags are they are easy to assemble and have a simple tensioning system to ensure they look perfect every time. You can promote your business or share a display message to the potential customers on an event and increase your business to 10 folds with the increase in visitors. Vividads have a range of bases available to suit any location or environmental requirement. We can supply flags as single sided, or with a block out to ensure the design can be read correctly from either side. Vividads Teardrop Banner Flags are manufactured in Australia and can be printed within 24 hours in the facility.

Vividads Tear drop flags are prninted and made available in sharp, vivd colors. Our in-house production ensures higher quality control. A high quality fabtic material is used to print the flags. Flags uses premium grade 145GSM blockout fabric for double sided flags and classic 125GSM trilobal fabric for single sided flags. Flags are tough and strong as they are made of robust, durable epoxy fibreglass poles with double steel sleeves at the base. Flags can swingle 360 degrees in the wind direction with the help of ball bearing spindle at the bottom of the base. Vividads affordable pricing caters for a range of teardrop banners printing needs from small, medium to large-sized banners.

Available Flag Base Types

Ground Spike: It has a 50cm long metal spike is excellent for installing flags outdoors in solid soil.

Metal Base: A heavy metal base with a flat, square-shaped bottom great for indoor use.

Premium Cross Base: This base has four legs and a foldable design making it an excellent option for indoor use.

0 Deg Wall Brackets: Wall brackets are perfect for a retail scenario or on a fence.

High Quality and Durable Product

A premium quality aluminium and fibreglass rods are used to create the flagpoles. The flags have been designed specifically for Australian outdoors and carry a year warrant. The best quality materials and HP certified inks have been used in the flags. Flags are machine stitched so they can survive in the toughest conditions. The flags will last indefinitely indoors however they are prone to fading and you can expect a life of 6-12 months on average before they start to fade when used outdoors.

Benefits from TearDrop Flag Advertising


Advertise anywhere – not just your home base. You can take the flag for community events for greater exposure.


These products last for years and are designed to stand up to wind, rain, hail, snow and any other weather event that comes in the town.


Great for all industries, products and services.

Save Money

Cheaper than a billboard and more cost-effective than digital marketing tactics like social media campaign, ads or email marketing. Teardrop flags are available advertising medium.


Stand out from the crowd with customized, easy-to-use banners.

Design Your Own Custom Flags

If you have a small business and looking to concentrate on people or branding in a specific area, a custom flag will be affordable and easy mean to attract more people. On Vividads portal its easy to design your own teardrop banner flag in few simple steps. First visit our portal and choose desired product you are looking for. Place your order with the initial details. If you have your own artwork ready, you can upload it to the portal so that the technical team can explore it give it for production. Or you can design your own with numbers of designs available. Our technical team will email you final design proof to cross check and approve. Once you approve, Vividads will start the artwork production and complete your order.

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