Reproduction in Flowering Plants Quiz Question with Answer

11. Device for self pollination is

  1. heterostyly
  2. dicliny
  3. unisexuality
  4. none of the above

12. Double fertilization involves

  1. fertilization of an egg by two male gametes
  2. fertilization of two eggs in the same embryo sac by two sperms brought by one pollen tube
  3. fertilization of egg and central cell by two sperms brought by two different pollen tubes
  4. Fertilization of egg and central cell by two sperms brought by same pollen tube

13. Effect of pollen on character of pericarp and seed coat is

  1. xenia
  2. metaxenia
  3. chimera
  4. ruminate endosperm

14. Egg apparatus consists of

  1. egg and antipodals
  2. polar nuclei
  3. egg and synergids
  4. egg

15. Embryo sac is

  1. microgametophyte
  2. microsporangium
  3. megagametophyte
  4. megasporangium

16. Endosperm is completely consumed by the developing embryo in Pea and Groundnut

  1. Maize and Castor
  2. Castor and Groundnut
  3. Maize and Pea

17. Entry of pollen tube through chalazal end is

  1. syngamy
  2. porogamy
  3. basigamy
  4. mesogamy.

18. Formation of embryo directly from nucellus and integument is

  1. adventitive polyembryony
  2. apospory
  3. apogamy
  4. apomixis

19. Function of guiding and attracting pollen tube is done by

  1. antipodal cells
  2. egg cell
  3. synergids
  4. secondary nucleus

20. Function of tapetum is

  1. protective
  2. nutritive
  3. respiratory Id
  4. all the above

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