How do online casinos pay out?

Usually, players register at casinos to combine pleasure with profit. They enjoy playing slots without limits and risking their own savings for a big win. Casino reviews. However, only a small proportion of gamers consider the various aspects of this pastime. In particular, only 10% of users are interested in the details of withdrawing their winnings

What do online casinos pay for? 

Most players come to casinos primarily for emotions, and only then for the possibility of winning. There's nothing more satisfying than spending a few hours playing games and getting a nice, solid boost to your budget as a result, in addition to the emotional experience. However, it's important to remember that payouts are not the only way to earn money from the casino.

Methods of withdrawal from gambling establishments 

There is an unwritten rule among gamblers that the more withdrawal options a casino offers, the safer, better, and more reliable it is. Of course, this principle doesn't always apply, but it is generally true. Today, there are many withdrawal methods available, including:

  • Neteller - One of the most popular e-wallets, offering very convenient withdrawals and deposits. It is also possible to order a plastic card.
  • Skrill - Similar to Neteller, Skrill is also a popular and convenient system. Skrill is particularly suitable for the gambling industry because players can receive additional bonuses when depositing through this system, such as a certain number of free spins. It is also possible to order a plastic card.
  • Payment to card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro) - Directly transferring money to a bank card is usually associated with additional commissions, but it can be more convenient than using other payment systems in some cases.

While there are other payment systems available for withdrawing money, these are some of the most convenient, fast, and secure ways to receive your winnings.

How much do online casinos pay?

First and foremost, when selecting a gambling establishment, it's worth paying attention to the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits. New releases. Familiarize yourself with the maximum amount the casino is capable of paying out per month. The higher the limit, the better, and there is usually a greater degree of confidence in such an establishment than in others. For particularly large winnings, the withdrawal method is usually negotiated with the casino administration and special limits are set, which differ from the standard. A striking example is the case of a high roller who placed a €400 bet per spin. In 2018, he requested a withdrawal of just under a million euros, and the casino paid him the correct amount.

Standard withdrawal rules 

Many players who come to the casino for the first time are intimidated by some of the rules that must be followed to withdraw funds. Some do not understand the principles of legal casino operations, so they are afraid to provide personal documents, such as photos, place of birth, residence address, etc.

It should be understood that the identity verification procedure helps to avoid many problems in the future, both for the player and the casino. Therefore, there is no reason to be afraid that personal data will be transferred to third parties or that the user will take out a loan.

Do not forget about the wagering requirements, which do not allow you to withdraw funds until the bonus is played through. For example, when making a deposit of €20 with a 100% bonus, the player will receive €40 in their account. However, they cannot withdraw the money immediately; they first need to "play through" the bonus funds. The amount that needs to be wagered depends on the so-called "wagering requirement," which is specified in the relevant rules section. If it is x40, then the player will need to bet an amount greater than 40 times the amount of bonus funds, which in the above example would be €800. Only after the bonus is wagered can the money be withdrawn. The amount of the wager may depend on...

When it comes to the timing of payments, it is worth bearing in mind that the speed of payment depends on the method of withdrawal chosen. Most casinos will credit e-wallets instantly, but if you withdraw to a bank card, you may have to wait up to 7 business days. No one can ever guarantee a 100% win. Casino games involve relying on luck. All that a player can do to secure their money is to register only with reputable online establishments that regularly pay their users, do not freeze large sums, and provide quality customer support in all matters.


The process of verifying the accuracy, correctness, and reliability of certain information is called verification. This procedure is an integral part of almost all financial transactions carried out on the internet by reputable gambling establishments related to gambling. Typically, the casino may ask for the following documents to verify:

  • A scanned page from your passport with your photo and name, as well as your registered address.
  • A screenshot of the virtual e-wallet from which the customer deposited funds into their account.
  • A photo of the bank card (it is allowed to hide CVV2).

Verification is carried out once, at the first withdrawal of winning funds. Document verification usually takes a few days.

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