6 Fun Ways to Learn a New Subject

Everything has changed over the years, and study methods are no exception. Whether you are looking to learn a new subject, whether it is for academic purposes, fun, or curiosity, there are now multiple ways to do it that go far beyond just reading a book. Here you will find ways to learn about a new subject and become an expert using methods you may have yet to think of.

Take Quizzes

A quiz is not synonymous with a boring exam. On the internet, you can find hundreds of pages like Quizondo, where you can test your knowledge with fun questions that will help reinforce the concepts you already know. These quizzes could also interest you in new topics, so it is a great way to learn fun facts and spark your interest in new issues.

The best is that you will spend hours having fun instead of studying when you are doing both. There are even some pages where you can create your quizzes. If you are learning with a group of friends, you could make your quiz and test each other's knowledge of the subject.

Watch Documentaries

There are documentaries on everything you can imagine, so you will surely be able to find one on the subject you are studying. Especially if it is about a historical topic that seems boring to you, you can always find a documentary that narrates it excitingly. The best thing is watching it in a group with several friends or alone in the comfort of your room eating popcorn.

You could even play it and do other things while listening to it. You can also write down important data or the time stamp when they say something relevant and see it again in case you need to remember something.

Explain Like I'm 5

This is a subreddit where you can ask the most difficult questions and have the answer explained to you as if you were five years old. Thanks to these simple answers from experts, understanding complex topics will be much easier. Whether you want to know why sea water is salty or why we have fingernails, someone is always ready to help you.

Even when you enter this forum with a question in mind, you will surely be entertained by all the other questions users ask. Not only will you be able to learn about what interests you, but you will also gain a lot of new knowledge without having to do research in a library. All you have to do is open the app from your smartphone.

Draw Doodles and Storyboards

When the class becomes somewhat dense, one of the ways in which your mind releases stress is by scratching pages and drawing pictures, better known as the famous doodles. If this is your case – it does not matter if you draw well or badly – take advantage of this ability to give clarity to your notes:

  • Enclose the main ideas with mandalas.
  • Highlight key concepts with stars.
  • Connect causes and effects with arrows, or illustrate complicated theories with simple drawings.

The possibilities are endless! Do it as you think is better.

Added to that, a really useful technique to remember sequences and dates of events is a storyboard, a comic, or a drawn script of a story. The best thing is that thanks to technology, you do not have to do this on paper, but you can do it digitally in an app on your phone, so you can take your comic everywhere, erase it without leaving stains, add as many graphic elements as you want and much more.

Make Songs or Poems

Is trigonometry difficult for you? Make up a little rhyme to clarify the difference between sine and cosine. Do you want to remember the three laws of thermodynamics? Use some song you like and change the lyrics! You will see that, with a melody, it will be easier for your memory to learn the information you need to store. When you need it the most, you can recite your song, and you will immediately remember the relevant data for your exam.

You can not only make up songs but also poems if that makes it easier for you. And it is not just about memorizing something by heart, but the creative process in which you invent the lyrics of the song or the poem will help you to study since you will need to investigate to find the perfect result.

Play and Learn with Your Friends

Studying with friends is complicated. It can be motivating and helpful, as it allows you to share ideas that you may not have thought of individually, but you can also end up having so much fun that it all ends badly. Your friends can be your biggest distraction, but they can also be your biggest support for studying. It depends on how you take it.

If you can make it work, turning studying into a game with friends could be one of the best ways to have fun while studying. Quizzes and treasure hunts are examples of useful games. Suppose you are ready for a bigger challenge. In that case, you can try to play "truth or dare"... Your friends ask you questions, and if you cannot answer or answer wrong, you must complete a challenge (which must also be related to the subject).


Study time should be a pleasant time for everyone since, regardless of your academic stage, you probably have to spend many hours studying. Reading a book might not be enough to learn a new topic, so it is best to find fun techniques that give you a good time and also help you memorize and learn facts.

You can take quizzes, create songs or poems with the content of the subject you need to learn, do question rounds with your friends, watch documentaries, and much more. Let your imagination and creativity fly and develop the most fun and effective study method.

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