History of English Language Quiz Question with Answer

21. The modern grammatical system had come into existence by the end of the............century.

  1. Fifteenth
  2. Sixteenth
  3. Seventeenth
  4. Eighteenth

22. The most important dialect during the Old English period was:

  1. Welsh
  2. Wessex
  3. Kentish
  4. Mercian

23. The most important dialect used during the Old English period is

  1. Celtic
  2. East Midland
  3. Wessex
  4. Anglo-Saxon

24. The Norman Conquest of England began with the rule of:

  1. Alfred the Great
  2. William of Normandy
  3. Edward the Confessor
  4. Richard the Lionheart

25. The Norman Conquest of England was in the year

  1. 1660
  2. 1066
  3. 1166
  4. 1661

26. The original language of Britain was

  1. Celtic
  2. Anglo-Saxon
  3. Norman
  4. Latin

27. The Renaissance and the coming of the printed book tended to set and standardize

  1. Grammar
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Spelling
  4. Pronunciation

28. The Scandinavians and Norsemen who settled in England spoke what language?

  1. Old English
  2. Old Norse
  3. Danish
  4. Swedish

29. The............theory suggests that speech originates from man?s attempt to imitate the characteristic sound of the creature / object he is referring to

  1. Bow-wow theory
  2. Ding-dong theory
  3. Pooh-pooh theory
  4. Gesture theory

30. This theory traces all forms of speech utterance back to emotional interjections evoked by pain, surprise, pleasure, wonder etc.

  1. The bow-wow theory
  2. The ding-dong theory
  3. The pooh-pooh theory
  4. The gesture theory

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