Zend Framework in PHP Quiz Question with Answer

11. With quotas enabled which methods might fail because you are over quota?

  1. appendNessage() and removeMessage()
  2. removeMessage() and createFolder()
  3. createFolder() and getMessage()
  4. getMessage() and appendNessage()

12. Front Controller plugins and Action Helpers share what common feature?

  1. pre and postDispatch() hooks
  2. Introspection of the action controller
  3. Ability to change routing behavior
  4. Registration with a comon broker

13. Zend Rest Client expects a REST service that returns what type of content?

  1. Plain text
  2. JSON
  3. HTML
  4. XML

14. XML-RPC fault responses are reported by Zend XmlRpc Client by:

  1. Raising an exception
  2. Triggering an error
  3. Using the clients isFault() method
  4. Checking for a fault Message in the response

15. Zend Auth will, regardless of the adapter used to process identities and credentials, will encrypt the information sent from the browser to the application using it.

  1. true
  2. false
  3. cant say
  4. none of these

16. When using Zerid_View with unescaped data, which of the following view script calls would escape your data, $data:

  1. $this->filter ($data)
  2. $this->escape($data)
  3. $this->htmlEntities ($data)
  4. $data->escape ()

17. How to get full list of indexed fields from the index?

  1. $index->getFields(true);
  2. $index->getFields (false);
  3. $index->getFields(Zendsearchtucene Field: :INDEXED);
  4. $index->getFields fl;

18. Which method should be used to retrieve total number of documents stored in the index (including deleted documents)?

  1. $index->countDocuxnents fl;
  2. $index->numooc O;
  3. $index->docCountQ;
  4. $index->countO;

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