Womens Rights Quiz Question with Answer

11. All Acts passed by the Indian parliament must be published in

  1. Bulletin of the Presidents office
  2. The Gazette of India
  3. Bulletin of the Prime Ministers office

12. Among new offences included in the 2015 amendment of SC and ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act is:

  1. forcible removal of clothes from the person of a member of SC or ST
  2. causing physical harm or mental agony to a member of SC or ST on the allegation of practicing witchcraft or being a witch
  3. assault or use of force to a woman belonging to a SC or ST with intent to dishonor
  4. being in a position to dominate the will of a woman belonging to a SC or ST, using that position to exploit her sexually to which she would not have otherwise agreed

13. Any law passed or any action taken by a state government to prevent or restrict women from taking up employment in state government or public sector undertaking violates the following fundamental right

  1. cultural and educational rights
  2. right to freedom
  3. right to equality

14. Any outsider (such as a neighbour or friend), who reports a domestic violence case in good faith to the concerned protection officer

  1. has a civil liability
  2. has a criminal liability
  3. has a financial liability
  4. has no liability

15. As per the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, ‘voyeurism is a criminal offence and means

  1. violence against women in domestic environment
  2. violence against women at workplace
  3. watching or capturing images of a woman engaged in a private act
  4. showing pornography

16. As per the Dowry Prohibition Act 1961, when any person is prosecuted for taking or abetting the taking of dowry then the burden of proving that he/she has not committed the offence lies with

  1. everyone associated with the person who is being prosecuted
  2. the person who is being prosecuted
  3. the local councillor
  4. the marriage registrar

17. As per the Maternity Benefit Act, maternity benefits are NOT applicable in the following situation

  1. if the child is born outside wed-lock
  2. if the woman is unmarried
  3. none of the above

18. Can any person with information about a sexual harassment incident file a complaint to the Complaints Committee?

  1. Yes, only with written consent of the complainant
  2. Yes, even without written consent of the complainant
  3. No

19. For a specific job the minimum wages are

  1. dependent on the gender of the employee
  2. dependent on the work nature and the gender both
  3. independent of the gender if the work is same
  4. 10% higher for males as compared to females

20. For the medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) of an adult woman in sound health, whose consent is mandatory among the following?

  1. Only the woman concerned
  2. The woman and the father of the unborn
  3. The woman, her parents and the father of the unborn
  4. The woman and her in-laws

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