Wireless Communication Quiz Question with Answer

11. Wireless LANs implement security measures in the

  1. System Layers
  2. Data Link Layers
  3. Sub Layers
  4. Multi Layers

12. Specifications for a wireless LAN are called

  1. Standard 802.3z
  2. Standard 802.3u
  3. Project 802.3
  4. IEEE 802.11

13. In wireless LAN, there are many hidden stations so we cannot detect the

  1. Collision
  2. Frames
  3. Data
  4. Signal

14. Wireless communication is started in

  1. 1869
  2. 1879
  3. 1885
  4. 1895

15. Term that is used for stationary or mobile wireless station and also have optional central base station is called

  1. Point to point
  2. Multi point
  3. Access point
  4. Network point

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