Water Polo Question with Answer

21. Who is the American water polo player known for her outstanding goalkeeping skills and leadership in the pool?

  1. Maggie Steffens
  2. Kami Craig
  3. Ashleigh Johnson
  4. Brenda Villa

22. What is the term for a water polo play where a player intentionally throws the ball out of bounds to stop play?

  1. Timeout
  2. Exclusion
  3. Dump
  4. Ejection

23. Which international water polo tournament features national teams competing in both mens and womens water polo?

  1. World League Super Final
  2. FINA World Championships
  3. World Aquatics Championships
  4. Mediterranean Games

24. Who is the Italian water polo player known as the "Bomber" and has a reputation for powerful shooting?

  1. Pietro Figlioli
  2. Maurizio Felugo
  3. Valentino Gallo
  4. Stefano Tempesti

25. What is the term for a water polo play where a player passes the ball to a teammate who is then immediately covered by an opponent?

  1. Pick
  2. Cover
  3. Press
  4. Screen

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