Water Polo Question with Answer

11. In water polo, what is the term for a shot that skips across the waters surface before reaching the goal?

  1. Skip shot
  2. Lob shot
  3. Sidearm shot
  4. Underwater shot

12. Who is the Serbian water polo player considered one of the greatest in the sports history, winning multiple Olympic gold medals?

  1. Filip Filipović
  2. Vanja Udovičić
  3. Aleksandar Šapić
  4. Dušan Mandić

13. What is the term for a defensive play in water polo where a field player actively prevents an opponent from scoring?

  1. Block
  2. Tackle
  3. Press
  4. Cover

14. Which international water polo tournament serves as a qualifying event for the Olympic Games?

  1. World League Super Final
  2. FINA World Championships
  3. Mediterranean Games
  4. European Water Polo Championship

15. In water polo, what is the term for a shot taken by a player while they are in the air, shooting downward toward the goal?

  1. Jump shot
  2. Dive shot
  3. Sky shot
  4. Aerial shot

16. Who is the Hungarian water polo player known as the "Maestro" and has achieved remarkable success in the sport?

  1. Gergely Kiss
  2. Tamás Molnár
  3. Dénes Varga
  4. Zoltán Szécsi

17. What is the term for the action of a goalkeeper deflecting a shot away from the goal with their hand?

  1. Punch
  2. Block
  3. Save
  4. Rejection

18. In water polo, what is the term for the area where the goalie is allowed to handle the ball?

  1. Crease
  2. Box
  3. Goal Zone
  4. Exclusion Area

19. Which city hosted the first Olympic water polo competition in 1900?

  1. Paris
  2. London
  3. Athens
  4. Rome

20. What is the term for a water polo play where a player passes the ball to a teammate and then immediately swims toward the goal?

  1. Drive
  2. Pass and go
  3. Counterattack
  4. Fast break

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